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  2. Martine Folkersma (1971 NL) is an artist, researcher and writer. She writes scripts, future scenario's, fabulated essays and fictionalized autobiographies.
    Martine's alter ego Nancy Paris, sometimes performs her own scripts, be it by voice-acting or public live performances. Always in search of hybrid or in-between forms of ‘acting', she prefers diverse settings, be it live or virtual. 

    Martine Folkersma is a secretary and an artist, both starting points for making Work out of work. She is trained as an art historian at Utrecht University and has a background in photography. In 2017 she graduated from the Rietveld Academy (DOGtime IDUM) with a novel-thesis on the abyss between art and work, forming the grounds for the performance ‘Cameo Appearances'.


    Martine has an ongoing interest in the boundaries between work and artwork: the (social) conditions under which the artist and the art world operate and how these conditions relate to the parameters of the working world: flexible and entrepreneurial.
    Currently her interest is shifting toward digital forecasts, the predicting of the future by 'positive scenario planning'. The algorithmic predicting of the future marks a shift from (embodied) prophecies to computerized scenario’s. Raising the question of novelty or how a preconceived, professionalized future relates to the artistic quest for ‘the new’. Can there still be a future of ‘the new’ when the scope of the possible is already structured in advance by algorithmic procedures? Can we still experiment with unprecedented possibilities? Even in an artistic context that considers ‘the new’ as its raison d’être, its driving principle for artistic production? 
    When surprise is expected, it is no longer surprising. 


  3. Education

    2019 >  KABK (Royal Academy of Art) Den Haag, Master Art Science

    2017     Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, department DOGtime IDUM (Bachelor Fine Arts) 

    2014     History of Art, University Utrecht (Bachelor Fine Arts)

  4. Performances / Exhibitions / Proposals / Writings

    2019   (ongoing) A New Futurist Manifesto, rewriting Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto (1909) 

    2019   Openingsperformance Art Service Mia Kernel, Museum Arnhem, Arnhem 

    2019   A Cirque of Sites, article on time, work and desire

    2018   Alternative Finance Festival, Art Service Mia Kernel, Academiegebouw Utrecht

    2018   Near Enough? 3rd NFCDAB, The Artist Is not Present, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

    2018   Proposal Alumni Programme DOGtime, Art Service Mia Kernel

    2018   Proposal Theodora Niemeijerprijs, Double Faced, Art Service Mia Kernel

    2018   Copy That, EuroArt (NL/BE) group show, Art Space Lokaal Utrecht

    2018   Art (…) Work, novel, self published, 1st edition 2017/ 2nd edition 2018

    2017   Getting the Conditions Right, performance, SUB IV collective show,  Lammekensstraat Antwerpen

    2017   SUB, article for Belgian Art Collective SUBIV

    2017   Art (…) Work, article in The Pervasive Labour Union Zine #11

    2017   Cameo Appearances, performance graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

    2016   Détournement, audio-tour for DOGtime SiSiSpex, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

    2016   Secretary Sit, audio/video-work department DOGtime, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

    2015   When you want the parrot to sleep, script for phone conversation

    2013   You've got three hours, script and video performance for phone conversation


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