Art (...) Work

1st edition May 2017 / 2nd edition April 2018
for sale in Amsterdam
Museumshop Stedelijk Museum / San Serriffe / Boekie Woekie / €20,-

Art (…) Work deals with notions of art and work and the divergent positions of artist and worker. It shows (in a performative way) the different workings and subjectivities of both artist and worker. It does so by showing their different, formative contexts and settings: Studio and Desk.

I was thinking of what E. said over the weekend in our Sunday morning deli-meet-up with coffee and bagels. Thinking on that (the deli that is): E's probably sitting there right now, whilst me sitting here next to the hideous office plant (artists... lucky  bastards). Anyway, she said something about secretaries turning into writers themselves.  


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