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Nancy Paris (1971) writes scripts, experimental texts, autobiographical fiction, fictional essays, spreadsheet novels, and makes use of system dynamic scripting or critical fabulations. Paris sometimes performs her own scripts, whether through voice-acting or through public live performances. Always in search of hybrid or in-between forms of ‘acting', Nancy prefers diverse settings, be it live or virtual. 

Nancy is a secretary and an artist, both starting points for making Work out of work out of Work. Paris is trained as an art historian at Utrecht University and has a background in photography. In 2017 Nancy graduated from the Rietveld Academy (DOGtime IDUM) with a novel-thesis on the abyss between art and work, forming the grounds for the performance ‘Cameo Appearances'.


2017  Rietveld Academy Amsterdam/ department DOGtime IDUM (BFA) 

2014  History of Art, University Utrecht (BFA)

Performances / Exhibitions / Proposals / Writings

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2019   Openingsperformance Museum Arnhem, Art Service MK (a.o. rewriting M.L.Ukeles' Manifesto of 1969)

2019   A Cirque of Sites, article, to be published in Open! Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain

2018   Alternative Finance Festival, Art Service MK, Utrecht

2018   Near Enough? 3rd NFCDAB, The Artist Is not Present, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

2018   Proposal Alumni Programma DOGtime, Art Service MK

2018   Master/ Servant, script lecture performance AFF

2018   Proposal Theodora Niemeijerprijs, Double Faced, Art Service MK

2018   EuroArt (NL/BE), group show, Copy That, Lokaal Utrecht

2018   Art(…)Work, novel, self published, 1st ed.2017/ 2nd ed.2018

2017   SUB IV, collective show, Getting the Conditions Right, Antwerpen

2017   Getting the conditions right, script lecture performance

2017   SUB, article for Belgian Art Collective SUBIV

2017   Art(…)Work, article in The Pervasive Labour Union Zine #11

2017   Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graduation Show, Cameo Appearances, Amsterdam

2016   Gerrit Rietveld Academie, DOGtime SiSiSpex, Détournement, Amsterdam

2016   Department DOGtime, presentation Secretary Sit

2015   When you want the parrot to sleep, script for phone conversation

2013   You've got three hours, script for phone conversation

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