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  1. A New Futurist Manifesto
    Rewriting Filippo Marinetti's 'Futurist Manifesto' (1909)
    work in progress (2019)


    "Then it was silent once again. Yet even while I was listening to the tedious, mumbled prayers of a retro, post-post modern audio streaming, including creaking metaphors and dilapidated plots from tiresome stretches of predictable scenario’s, I caught the sudden bark of raving dogs, right beneath my window.

    ‘Come on! Let’s go!’, they said. ‘Come on, human, let’s get out of here! Since long, all the myths and mystical ideals are behind us. We’re about to witness the final un-death of the humans and soon we shall witness the very last stroke of death! …We shall have to shake the gates of life itself to test their locks and hinges! …Let’s be off! See there, the Earth’s very last sunset! Nothing can equal the splendor of darkness’ black sword slicing through our millennial daylight, for the very last time!’.

    I approached the three panting beasts to stroke their furry chests, full of loving care. I kneeled in front of them like a buddhist in zazen, but instantly was revived as the dog’s teeth, little fierce daggers, threatened my throat."

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