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    Typeface Courier New 12, performances, voices, audio, video

    You've got three hours, script for video performance, 2013
    Détournement, script for audio tour, 2016
    Secretary Sit, script for audio performance, 2016
    Cameo Appearances, script for live performance, 2017
    Getting the Conditions Right, script for lecture performance, 2018
    The Artist is Not Present, script for performance in absence, 2018
    Mia Kernel Art Services, script for lecture performance, 2018



    "And then he said: 'You've got three hours to save your fucking ass'. And I didn't really understand what he said, so I asked him: 'Do you really think that is sufficient? I mean do you think... three hours is like enough?

    And then he said: 'Well, you know, it's a big ass'.

    So, uhm... well, you know."

    (You've got three hours')


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